New Native - Behind The Song #1 - "Nothing More"

New Native, our best (and only) pals from Austria, have just started a new Facebook series in which they go super duper, mega, well...they go in depth into what each of their songs are about and the process it took to create them. This week's is about their song "Nothing More", which is one of my personal favorites off of their SOUL CULT 12" EP, available now in the Anchor Eighty Four webstore HERE.

Behind the Song #1 – "Nothing More"

The basic idea for "Nothing More" dates back to the Twisting recording sessions. A week or two after we had tracked the record, I brought the verse and chorus to practice and we worked out most of the song right away. Thinking back, it kind of bummed us out that we couldn't include the song on the first record just because it was written so close to the sessions.

We're really happy how the song eventually turned out. We initially demo'd two versions of the song....