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My name is Cody Jones and I started Anchor Eighty Four Records in 2010 out of love for music and a passion to help and develop young, amazing bands, and give them a chance to be heard.

Growing up in Central California, punk and hardcore music were a driving force in the skate and surf culture in which I lived and breathed. Spending most days skating around Salinas, Monterey, and Santa Cruz; I spent most nights performing in various punk and hardcore bands.

After moving to Los Angeles in 2008, I spent the next four years working for legendary indie punk label Epitaph Records as their Webstore Coordinator (you can still see some of my tattoos on display in the Kings Road Merch Store). While getting to work with amazing and iconic bands on the label’s roster, I still felt the need to be connected to the independent/up and coming artist that needed the extra push to be heard. So, in January of 2010 Anchor Eighty Four Records was born and the first sampler was released for free download which included small and unknown bands at the time: The Story So Far, Second To Last, In Bear Country, Washington Square Park, and more.

As the label continues to grow and learn, Anchor Eighty Four’s mission is simply to always work for the artist to make their vision come true, and to put out music we love and believe in.



* Please note that I do listen to everything, but cannot guarantee a reply or feedback on everything. If I'm stoked on you, I'll reach out. Thank you!

We welcome demos from all those interested in Anchor Eighty Four! Please send us a link to a place where we can stream your most current music (please do not send Mp3s unless requested). And, taking a page from one of our favorite labels, Captured Tracks, we have a few things to add:

1 - We need our artists to tour as much as possible. Hey, it’s the best way for YOU and US to get the word out about your band. Not all of our artists tour all the time, and we make exceptions depending on the circumstances. But with that said, we aren’t looking to sign bands that don’t want to play shows. You’re a band right!?

2 - Please avoid having a third party (ie Manager, “Friend-ager”, etc…unless your a F**king massive band) send us your demo. We will like it / hate it just as much if you send it to us personally. Also, we have a very close relationship with our bands, so if you don’t feel you can say hi and talk to us about your band yourself, please reconsider. You might also want to wait to get a manager until much further down the road…just sayin.

3 - We just really want to work with bands that want to work with us. It’s pretty simple. We know a lot of labels “compete” to sign the best bands in music…but that’s not really our thing. So, please don’t string us along. If you want to work with us and we want to work with you, lets do it!

4 - If you can get down with everything listed above, holler at us with a little info on yourself, why you want to be a band on Anchor Eighty Four, and send your Bandcamp/Soundcloud/or YouTube video to us at