Anchor Eighty Four Records is proud to announce a new digital split EP from Los Angeles' M I N N O W, and Oakland's Unconditional Arms. The EP will be released on March 25th, and consist of a brand new song from each artist which will be bundled with a Limited Edition Download Card, Travel Notebook, Pen, and 12oz bag of Stumptown Coffee. We've also teamed up today with Buzzbands.la to bring you an exclusive first listen of M I N N O W ' s new song "Vacation Forever".

Stream "Vacation Forever" at: www.Buzzbands.la
Pre-Orders are now available at: www.UAxMINNOW.com

Unconditional Arms

Jeffrey Wright, of Unconditional Arms, shares his thoughts on Minnow's "Vacation Forever"  -  "Minnow is a group of people who are committed to the artistry of creation. Aside from the fact that we discuss literally everything on a daily basis in our infamous group text, getting to know the members of the band on a personal note has brought all of us so much joy. They're truly just on the same wavelength as us in many aspects of music, life and love. 'Vacation Forever' is a slight departure from their earlier released music, but the discordant instrumentation blooms into a true "minnow-feel" when Onate adds his Broken Social Scene flair and the 2nd guitar slides it's way into the composition. As O'Hara belts some of his most intelligible and intriguing prose yet, I'm left to feel really only one thing - a warm sense of happiness and joy, like I've been on Vacation Forever. It's some of their best work and I'm sure it's just a taste of what they have planned for the future. 

We feel privileged to share this a moment with Minnow and hope to stay in each other's lives for a great while - musically and personally. Very thankful to A84 for making it happen in such a unique way."

Track List:

  1. Vacation Forever (Minnow)

  2. Feud (Unconditional Arms)

"Vacation Forever" - Guitars, Vocals, Bass, Piano, Percussion engineered by Minnow / Drums engineered by Roger Camero @ Bright Lights Studios / Mixed by Roger Camero / Mastered by Paul Miner @ Buzzbomb Sound Labs

"Feud" -  All instruments Engineered, Mixed, and Mastered by Jeffrey Wright of Unconditional Arms. Drums were tracked @ Secret Bathroom Studio in Oakland.

Album Art - Created by Nik O'Hara (vocals for Minnow), and Lindsey Dole