Anchor Eighty Four Records is extremely excited to announce our signing and partnership with Michigan's SOUTHPAW!

SOUTHPAW is an energy forward, fun, and exciting punk/pop-punk band from Muskegon, MI. Established in 2013, SOUTHPAW have created a scene within their hometown and within their music scene. Playing with some of today's top bands (A Day To Remember, Neck Deep) SOUTHPAW are able to put the same energy in to every show, from small intimate rooms to huge sold out venues!

"SOUTHPAW is one of those bands that catches your ear the first time and then you can't stop listening. You have to find out more about them and keep them on repeat forever", says label owner Cody Jones. Adding, "We are incredibly excited to work with SOUTHPAW on their future releases, and to help guide them in every direction they want to go."

Simply put, "In 2017 we're going to release our best work to date", says SOUTHPAW vocalist/guitarist Brandon Eikenberry. "Stoked to be working side by side with a team that believes in our music and the evolution of it."

- Stay tuned for NEW MUSIC in 2017! -
Until Then Listen to these releases below