Los Angeles, CA

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Minnow x Unconditional Arms (Split EP)

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'Trembles & Temperance'


Minnow is a six piece rock band from Los Angeles, CA that features Madison Megna (guitar),  Kenny Tye (guitar), Alex Onate (drums), Daniel Campos (bass), Curtis Baxter (percussion, keyboards) and Nik O’Hara (vocals). The project formed as a trio in 2011 with the lineup of Megna, Tye and Onate.  Shortly thereafter Campos and Baxter were added.  Baxter had just finished a Bachelor’s degree in percussion performance at the Bob Cole Conservatory of Music when Minnow reached out to him.  He had spent the last six years of his life studying classical and world music and was looking for a project in which to utilize his newly acquired knowledge.  Onate sent him some demos and he quickly fell in love with the band’s music.  He started making the drive from Long Beach to Los Angeles several times a week.  Over the course of the next year the band pieced together Baxter’s unique musical setup that includes glockenspiel, bass drum, snare drum, sleigh bells, cymbals, piano and organ.

Nik O’hara was a childhood friend of Baxter and Onate.  As teenagers the three of them were part of the local punk scene and played in various bands together.  At the time of Minnow’s inception he was living 400 miles away in Chico, CA.  For several months the band emailed O’Hara songs.  He would sit in his truck late at night and record vocal ideas and send them back to Los Angeles.  In the summer of 2012 he moved back home so the band could record their debut EP.  The Minnow EP was self-released in December of 2012.

The writing process for their follow up LP, Trembles & Temperance, was significantly different than that of their previous work.  For the first time the band was able to write songs together in one place, allowing them to focus more attention on vocal and harmony parts.  Trembles & Temperance was recorded at The Atomic Garden in Palo Alto, CA with producer Jack Shirley.  With this record Minnow wanted to be able to capture all of the nuance and impact of their live sound.  Having two percussionists in the band, they knew it would be extremely important to capture the feeling of them playing in the same room.  First they tracked guitar, bass, drums, and percussion all together.  Then with that foundation to work with, they overdubbed vocals, guitar, piano, organ, and additional percussion.  The album was recorded over the course of six days and mixed and mastered by Shirley over the course of several months. 

The band signed with Anchor Eighty Four Records in May 2014.  Minnow’s debut LP, ‘Trembles & Temperance’, is out now and available HERE for purchase on physical format.